How To Cut Your Electric Bill

Saving money and the ability to actually maintain savings each month is an idea which excites most people, especially in this day and age of cut to the grind. Today, we are going to go over some basic techniques on how you can cut your electric bill.

You Need to Turn Your Lights Off

I know this concept sounds quite silly because everyone and their grandmother know to turn off the lights when a person is not occupying a room, but the bigger issue is that most people do not abide by this concept. When you are leaving a room, why on Earth would you leave the light on? It’s such a simple concept that it’s almost embarrassing stating this out. Let me give you some numbers right fast. A normal, 60-watt bulb will usually use around 0.060 kWh within a good hour. All right, so a standard family will more than likely have around 2-4 bulbs in each kitchen, as well bathroom. That concept alone will waste 120-140 watts of voltage per hour!

Light Colors in Regards of Paint

Now, you have probably never heard of this before, and it’s quite unbelievable to even image, but painting your house roof a lighter color, especially white can most definitely reduce your electric bill. How you may ask? Well, by painting your roof solid white will unsurprisingly reduce how hot your house can get, therefore cutting down on how much cool air you may have to generate during the Summer! An actual study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s heat island ground actually conducted a study, stating that within warm weather, homes with white roofs actually required 40% less energy in regards of cooling than homes with black roofs.

Know When to Use Your Appliances

Saving money really is all about knowing not what to use, but more so how to properly use what you already have. Let me provide a perfect example here. You have appliances such as a dishwasher, oven, as well your dryer. All right, did you realize that if you use these types of appliances during the night, that alone will diminish a portion of your electricity bill? It’s very true because if you decide to use these types of appliances (which cause heat) during the day, that will leave you with more warmth inside your home, having you turn on the air conditioner throughout the day; quote using more energy! I know it may seem rather problematic, but if you can get away with using most of your heat causing appliances during the night, that could help with cutting down on running your air conditioner so much and believe me, when added up, every little bit accumulates over time.

Change That Filter

Make sure you are checking your air conditioning system filter each month because believe it or not, a dirty air conditioner filter can actually make your unit pump harder in regards of generating cool air and that in return will raise your electric bill. As a side note, you need to be aware that having a dirty filter can also lead to your air conditioning unit breaking down hastily, which will, in the long run, will increase your future spending’s as having to purchase a new cooling unit for your home. You may want to look into purchasing a permanent filter, and the great news is that they only need to be washed sporadically. These types of filters run around $20 to $40 as well, depending on where you buy and the quality of the filter itself! Here is a great website to take a look at in regards of purchasing a permanent air conditioner filter if needed in your future.